First Parent-Child Room opened on the Medical Campus


After long planning and preparation, the first parent-child room was opened on the 20th of May 2018.  It can be found in room 203 of the central lecture hall building (House 22).  With the help of the Collaborative Research Center 854 (SFB 854), this room was renovated to offer amenities including a children’s bed, a comfortable nursing armchair, a colorful play area, a diaper-changing table and a small kitchen with an electric kettle and a bottle warmer.  It also contains a writing desk with a telephone and laptop as well as a chair for visitors.

There are many reasons for using the parent-child room.  Sometimes, the child is not yet healthy enough to go to Kindergarten after an infection, but there is still an important meeting on campus.  Then the meeting can take place in this room.  The child can sleep or play, and you are still reachable on campus.  Sometimes, the Kindergarten is closed due to a strike.  In this case, this room is a good temporary solution allowing you to keep an eye on the children while still being reachable and having access to the Intranet.  Or maybe you are pregnant and just need a room where you can rest for fifteen minutes.  The parent-child room is equipped for all of these occasions.

We hope that this room will be well visited and that it expands the already existing support for parents.