A 05 - Plasticity and cell type-specific functions of OTUB1 in infection

A 05 defined that the deubiquitinating enzyme (DUB) CYLD aggravates listeriosis by inhibiting protective signaling pathways, whereas the DUB A20 ameliorates listeriosis by enabling the survival of CD8+ memory T cells. Employing a newly established conditional OTUB1-/- mouse strain, A 05 identified that the DUB OTUB1 regulates JAK-, TLR11- and YB-1-mediated signaling. In the next funding period, A 05 will focus on OTUB1 in (1) T cells, (2) DCs, (3) macrophages and (4) hepatocytes in listeriosis to determine the cell type-specific molecular function and plasticity of OTUB1 under inflammatory conditions.