Graduation at the OVGU/FME


Admit at the Faculty for Natural Sciences of the OVGU as a PhD student.

1. Admit at the Faculty for Natural Sciences (FNW) at the OVGU:

Help to the related applications you can find here

International PhD students need an "Äquivalenzprüfung" to acknowledge their study degrees! The degrees will be evaluated by two offices to determine their German equivalency. 

For further information please contact Ms Ulrike Kolbe ( , Tel.: 0391-67-58839; K31).

          Necessary documents for applying at the FNW:

       1) Antrag zur Aufnahme als Doktorand (deutsch/englisch)

       2) Application as doctoral candidate

        3) Registration as a doctoral candidate according to Hochschulstatistikgesetz (HStatG)

        4) Guidelines for Postgraduate Study Application with the Faculty 

            of Natural Sciences

If you need additonal help please contact Mr Björn Diez, contributur of the deanery, at the FNW -

Gebäude 16 | Raum 150​
Telefon +49 391 67 58677
Telefax +49 391 67 41131

Information sheet for the submission of the doctorate here!


2. Matriculation at the OVGU

    Further information here

Please noticed that 1. and 2. are two entirely different options! For submitting your thesis you need to admit at the Faculty for Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.) or at the Medical Faculty (Dr. rer. medic.). Only then you can earn a doctoral degree at the end. The matricualtion at the OVGU is´t required but gives many advantages like speicial discouts for cinema, theater and others, beside you are eligible to use the local public transport for free.

You can get your PhD without matriculation at the OVGU but not without an admission at the Faculty for Natural Sciences /or at the Medical Faculty! A matriculation at the OVGU is recommended!