Perspectives for Women in Life Science

Introductory Talks:

“It’s a matter of self-management – or not? Science and parenthood in the context of New Work“
Prof. Dr. Katrin Pittius (Dresden)
"My way to an independent research group"
Dr. rer. nat. Anne Maass (Magdeburg)
"The long and winding road from chemistry to science management"
Dr. Barbara Witter (Magdeburg)

Round Tables:

"New Work and Equal Opportunities in Science":
Prof. Dr. Katrin Pittius (Dresden)
Karin Lühmann (Bielefeld)
Dr. phil. Sarah Czerney (Magdeburg)
"Successful in Science":
Dr. rer. nat. Anne Maass (Magdeburg)
Dr.-Ing. Melanie Fachet (Magdeburg)
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Anne Albrecht (Magdeburg)
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Anne Dudeck (Magdeburg)
"Alternative Career Paths":
Dr. rer. nat. Barbara Witter (Magdeburg)
Tina Krieger (Hamburg)

Speakers list

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