Our lectures are organised with the Else Kröner-Forschungskolleg. Our lectures will give a detailed insight into immunology focussing on intra- and intercellular cell communication and state-of-the-art techniques,  complemented by general aspects of biomedical research.

Our lectures occur once every four weeks on Tuesday, from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm at the IMKI seminar room on the 2nd floor in H26 (IMKI). The complete program can be found here as a PDF.

In addtion we offer particpation in the the ABINEP lecture series. The lectures are held tuesdays, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm, seminar room (top floor), house 13. The complete program of the lecture series can be found here.




29.10.2019: Costimulation of T-cells
Prof. Dr. Monika Brunner-Weinzierl (EXPAE)

26.11.2019: Feto-maternal immune communication  - postponed to 3rd December 2019
Prof. Dr. Ana Zenclussen (EXGYN)

07.01.2020: Integrin signaling in immune cells (+ methods)  - postponed to 14th January 2020!
Dr. Stefanie Kliche (IMKI)                                            

04.02.2020: CNS infection and immune privilege
Prof. Dr. Andrea Kröger (IMMB)

03.03.2020: How to approach impaired kidney function
Prof. Dr. Peter Mertens (KNEP)

31.03.2020: Cancelled
Inflammation, Clinical Symptoms and Search for Novel Therapies in JAK2-V617F Mutated Disease
Prof. Dr. Thomas Fischer (KHAE)

28.04.2020: Cancelled
Innate Immune cells in brain homeostasis and neuroinflammation

Prof. Dr. Ildiko R. Dunay (IIN)

26.05.2020: Cancelled
Molecular transport in immunity

Prof. Dr. Lothar Jänsch (HZI)

23.06.2020: zoom lecture
Regulation of TCR signaling

Prof. Dr. Luca Simeoni (IMKI)


Past lectures can be found here.