Z 01 - Multimodal Imaging Platform

The central imaging project offers highly advanced imaging techniques including intravital 2-photon microscopy, multi-epitope ligand cartography, superresolution microscopy and fluorescence life-time imaging/FRET. By providing technical expertise and methodological know-how, Z 01 will support CRC 854, studying immune cell dynamics in complex in vivo environments, dissecting molecular signaling in life cells, and delineating molecular interactions and phenotypes with high spatial resolution. Moreover, Z 01 aims at expanding and professionalizing its structures in order to consolidate this efficient imaging infrastructure beyond the 3rd funding period.


Intravital 2-Photon microscopy of the lymph node of the mouse. A shows a popliteal lymph node with B-cell follicle as it presents during intravital microscopy in situ. B-C show crops of the (markedly larger) inguinal lymph node (hilar region). One can see strong vascularization and enrichment of B and T cells near the smaller (blood) vessels. Size bar: 100 µm. Green: T cells (CFSE); Red (cells): B cells (CTO); Red (vessels): Blood vessels (Rhodamin Dextran); Blue: (collagen) fibers (SHG, Second Harmonic Generation Signal). Two-Photon microscopy. Zeiss LSM710.